#Angel Radio Network ~ #February 2014 ~ What if God Was One of Us?


what if GOD was one of us?

what if he dwelt in our HEARTS as we’ve been told

what if he was in every act of KINDNESS


and every POSITIVE thought

what if he (she) really could hear and see and KNOW us so well that we hardly have to speak to express our truest DESIRES

that being your better SELF was all that is ever needed to return to the GLORY we were before coming to earth

~Angels~ are everywhere

they’re messengers for GOD

do you BELIEVE in angels?

do you believe in yourSELF?

know that you’re not alone – ever – and that your needs are important

you may not get that answer in the middle of the night that you’re crying out for…

you might not GET all the riches and things you WANT

but you will always be PROTECTED

and your SOUL will feel safe and secure when you RELEASE the need to CONTROL and let GO to TRUST the process

no matter how SCARED you are

~Angels~ are there


:: you matter ::


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