ARN BannerThe Angel Radio Network began in 2012. The mission is to “Enlighten the World One Radio Show at a Time” and to give a platform to lightworkers, energy workers, angel card readers, angel practitioners – who want to reach a larger audience. How about 73,000 and climbing?

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We are now looking for RADIO SHOW HOSTS who want to host their own one hour show, once a week. Training is provided on how to host and how to produce your show, or you can provide your own producer. Contact me today at and let’s talk about getting you on the air soon! It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s super affordable! Plus you can use your time on the air to talk about your business and have on a guest, or just play royalty-free music! Whatever you want to do! We are Open and look forward to helping you create a great way to reach others through this incredible internet radio platform. Shows are LIVE and recorded. People listen live or later to the replay. Yes you have the time for this! Reach as many people as you’d like. Re-post your show onto your website and put the link in your news feed on Facebook and Twitter for additional listening audience! I know you can do this! I have trained many people who have felt daunted by the technology and they have found it easy to do and have developed a huge following! Are you next? I hope so! Talk soon! ~April Reynolds~

Frequently Asked Questions:
1) Are Show Hosts Paid or Do They Pay Angel Radio Network? Show hosts are not paid. There is a “love donation” every month from the show hosts to the ARN. It’s an amount to be determined between you and your divine guidance!
2) Training is provided via a word document and PDF’s to read. If you require more hands on training from April, you have to pay for that. It’s nominal.
3) You provide your own producer or you produce the show yourself.
4) Shows can be on just about any loving, positive, uplifting subject.
5) I do not “micromanage” show hosts.
6) You can record your show in advance and then upload that mp3 of whatever you recorded, to broadcast during your hour of radio show time.
7) If you have to go out of town or miss a show please tell April as far in advance as possible.
8) Is there a contract? No. Stay or Go whenever you want. I prefer you stay, however, as long as we are both happy.
9) Do I have to have a guest? No.
10) Can I have guests? Yes. They call in on a separate phone number.
11) Do I need a computer? Yes.
12) Do I have to use Skype? No but it is preferred
13) Do I need a headset? Yes. Which one? I recommend Logitech which has a usb “end” that plugs directly into your computer and has a microphone that drops right in front of your mouth, while the ear muffs go right onto your head.
14) Do not get a blue tooth version headset. It doesn’t work for live radio.
15) Are there commercials? There will be and you will need to push a button at half past the hour to play the commercials.
16) When can I have my radio show? Right now the schedule is wide open, but that’s going to change soon, so just message me here on Facebook or email me at
~Angel Blessings~ April Reynolds, founder Angel Radio Network

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